Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have You Seen Polythene Prez? by Jerry Breen

People just can't seem to control some overwhelming compulsion to give Barack Obama awards for no good reason. Remember the Nobel Peace Prize for continuing 2 wars? That encouraged him so much that he got into a 3rd one! Well, now (even though his administration is one of the most secretive ever, and he's the most mysterious man to occupy the Presidency) a group has awarded Obama a "Transparency in Government" Award. In true Obama style, he insisted on accepting the award in an unannounced private ceremony with no cameras allowed. I kid you not! - Jerry Breen www.newbreen.com

A Little Off the Top, Washington Style by Jerry Breen

At the same time that Washington was obsessing over the partisan political squabble over the U.S. government's debt ceiling, even more people seemed to be obsessed with movie idol Robert (Twilight vampire) Pattinson's lopsided haircut. (His character has an interrupted haircut, and he remains that way for the rest of the story.) I thought it was a convenient metaphor for the budget clash, with Republican House leader John Boehner compulsively cutting and President Obama, as usual doing nothing. Jerry Breen www.newbreen.com