Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Political Cartoons of the 70's - Part 2 - Nixon!

Nixon in the Dog House! My all-time favorite political cartoon, from around the time of Nixon's resignation from the Presidency in 1974, following the "Watergate" scandal. It refers to another scandal earlier in his career that was resolved by Nixon's famous "Checkers" speech. Briefly - In 1952, when Senator Richard Nixon was running for Vice-President on Eisenhower's ticket, reporters revealed that the candidate had a secret "slush" fund. In a nationally televised speech, Nixon insisted that the money was used strictly for legitimate travel and campaign expenses, never for personal expenses. However, he did admit to receiving one personal gift from an admirer - not money, but a cute black-&-white cocker spaniel named "Checkers". Nixon's little daughters loved the dog, and he swore that under no circumstances would he return it. A silly ploy, but effective. The public response was sympathetic and Ike and Nixon were elected in a landslide. When the Watergate cover-up unraveled, "Tricky Dick" failed to come up with another trick like the "Checkers Speech". Interestingly, Nixon was very affectionate and loyal to the dog that saved his career. In later years, people would often see Nixon spending time with his pet in New York's Central Park. - Jerry Breen


Mr Happy said...

This is a really good drawing =)

Squirrel in the Cherry Tree said...

Did you draw this in 2006?