Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama Star Trek Book?

This is the cover art for a forthcoming project I'm working on. It's a book called "Dreams from My Sa-Mekh: A Story of Space and Inheritance". The title may remind you of a current best-seller. (Hint: "Sa-Mekh" is the Vulcan word for "father".) It's written by a certain half-Vulcan/half-human Starfleet officer, known only as "(asterisk)". (You couldn't pronounce his real name.) Like Spock, he has always been conflicted about his multiracial ancestry. In this poignant memoir, he confronts these issues and, possibly, goes where no Vulcan has gone before. Faithfully translated from the original Vulcan and profusely illustrated. Coming soon from Alpha Quadrant Press (site of the Breen Homeworld). For news on future developments, just send your email address to and we'll send updates right to your tricorder. Live Long and Hope! - Jerry Breen

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