Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hillary the Prom Queen

Here's my take on the "Democratic" Party's decidedly un-Democratic nominating process. Hillary Clinton got 18 million votes in the primaries - more than any Presidential candidate in American history - but she "lost" the nomination to Barack Obama! How? Well, Hillary got 85% of her delegates in primary elections, while Obama got 60% of his delegates in caucuses. For some odd reason, Texas held both a primary and a caucus. Strangely, Hillary won the election by 4% and Obama won the caucus by 12%. How can the same voters in the same state choose 2 different candidates? Simply put, a primary election with the secret ballot is a safe, secure way of voting, while a caucus is a free-for-all, easily subject to fraud, coercion and mob rule. All of which the Obama camp used to their advantage. Even in the primaries, the Democratic Party had a peculiar method of allocating delegates that favored Obama. The apportioning of delegates was not in direct proportion to the votes cast. Election districts that usually voted Democratic in general elections were awarded more delegates than districts that usually voted Republican in general elections. Since inner-city, mostly-black districts (which favored Obama) fit this criteria while suburban districts (which favored Hillary) did not, Obama was awarded a disproportionate share of delegates in state after state! The result was a travesty and an injustice. The Democratic Party should either fix their nominating process or change their name. To call it the Democratic Party is false advertising. (Sept. 6, 2008) - Jerry Breen

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