Monday, September 15, 2008

The Men Behind Obama

(September 2008) In this cartoon, I tried to give brief summaries of some of the key formative figures in Barack Obama's background. Quite a group. And I didn't even have room for the Reverend Wright. But you know about him. These guys are much less well known, but they all played a key role in making Obama what he is today. Easily the most objectionable is the unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. Tony Rezko is just another one of those leeches that have infested American politics since Andy Jackson invented the political campaign, campaign donors and the "spoils system" to pay back political donors, way back in the 1820's. Virtually every American politician has connections to people like him. But his presence in Obama's inner circle belies the notion that Obama is a "new kind of politician". The little-known but sinister Khalid al-Mansour is a surprising acquaintance that recently came to light. The venerable long-time New York City Democratic Party stalwart and broadcasting entrepreneur Percy Sutton recently revealed that al-Mansour solicited Sutton's support in helping young Obama gain admittance to the prestigious Harvard Law School back in the 1980's. Both Sutton and Donald Warden (aka al-Mansour) are originally from Texas. Sutton's story is plausible. But it's a little unsettling that someone like al-Mansour would want to sponsor Obama. The least known (and least objectionable) of these people is certainly Frank Marshall Davis. A crusading black journalist who fought against discrimination, segregation and lynching back in the 1940's, he took the 5th before Congress in the 1950's about his Communist Party USA membership and retired to Hawaii. It's typical of Obama's evasiveness about his background that he referred to Davis only as "Frank" and left out the unpleasant Communist business. - Jerry Breen


nimtarheel said...

Make no mistake about it. Frank Marshall Davis was a staunch Communist. Some other well known Negroes like W.E.B. DuBois supported Communism until they heard of extremes like the Stalin purges. Davis, however, was Communist to the end of his life, which came soon after he mentored Obama.

22a-rbZD.007 said...

Mr. Breen, I'm astounded by your high quality political cartoons. I myself find it very interesting that Frank M. Davis was a pornography entrepeneur, and in that guise took porn shots of Ann Dunham, Obama's Mom. If Dunham succumbed to Davis' sexual prowess, that would explain the genesis of the "Obama" cover story.... it's far less humiliating to have an affair with a foreign student, than to be turned out by a porn king.